Melania Trump Underwent a 'Successful' Kidney Embolization: What to Know About the Procedure

First Lady Melania Trump is recovering at the hospital after undergoing a “successful” embolization procedure for a benign kidney condition, according to her communications director.

In most cases an embolization procedure in the kidney is used to treat tumors or growths that occur “spontaneously,” Dr. Jeffrey Berns, professor of medicine and pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, who does not treat Trump, tells PEOPLE.

There’s a variety of things an embolization can be used for. It is used for cancer, but there can be benign tumors of the kidney,” Dr. Berns says. “The best example is an angiomyolipoma, which is a collection of cells of different types that occur spontaneously, and can occur concurrently with other systemic diseases, but they are benign lesions that can be treated with embolization.”